Squish Logs


Installation & Setup

To set up Squish Logs on a Minecraft server, you'll need to ensure you're running a server that allows the use of Plugins written for either Spigot or Craftbukkit. When you download the addon, you simply need to install the plugin like you would any other.

Installing to your server

  1. Create a server from within the Servers page of your panel. Ensure the game type is set to Minecraft.
  2. Go back in to the server you created and press the "Download" button.
  3. The download you receive will contain two files, SquishLogs-1.0.0.jar and a folder called SquishLogs, that contains your config.yml file. Do NOT edit the config.yml, it is set up for your server already.
  4. Drag these files into your server's plugins folder.
  5. Start your server and join, you should now see logs populate your panel.

If you need any further help, contact us on our Discord Server, and we'll give you a hand!