Squish Logs

Garry's Mod

Installation & Setup

Settings up Squish Logs on your Garry's Mod server is as easy and streamline as possible. Everything is already pre-configured and ready to go when you download the integration addon, you just need to throw it in your /addons and install GWSockets

Installing to your server

Installations couldn't be easier:

  1. Create a server from within the Servers page of your panel.
  2. Go back in to the server you created and press the "Download" button.
  3. Place the addon in your gmod server's /addons folder. No need to config anything, we did all that for you in step 2.
  4. Install GWSocket on your gmod server. https://github.com/FredyH/GWSockets. If you are with a hosting company (Like Hexane), the Mod Manager will likely include this package for an easy 1 click install.
  5. Start your server and join, you should now see logs populate your panel.